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Cricket Academy Facilities

Kapursingh, Oranda, Chaudwar, Odisha

About Us

To enhance the sports culture in Odisha and to produce outstanding sports persons, MGM School of Sports provides a sophisticated center of excellence for cricket with the support of the present administrative machinery i.e., Govt. of Odisha, Odisha Cricket Association. The academy has tied up with Coaching Beyond to design the courses and provide technical staff as well as to select aspiring players to be trained at MGM School of Sports. MGM School of Sports will provide the infrastructure and support on the ground. It is a residential academy with all amenities including indoor practicing arenas.

The privately managed MGM School of Sports will promote the ideal objectives of high performance & quality-driven sports culture.

Facilities at Our Sports Science Centre

Our sports science centre is equipped with top quality machines for our athletes to train. The 2000 sq.ft gym provides the athletes with adequate space to go about their strength and conditioning programs. Physiotherapy facilities are also available for the athletes.

International Standard Cricket Ground

Strength & Conditioning Unit

Swimming Pool

(To Be Added Soon)

Motivation Hall

Massage and Recovery Centre

Rehabitation Centre