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Cricket Academy Facilities


About Us

Coaching Beyond – Chennai is located in Lalaji Memorial Omega International School, Kolapakkam. Located on a 6 acres, the academy in Chennai has 14 turf practice pitches which replicate variety of conditions. Coach B.Arun, former Indian test cricketer and bowling coach of team India head this centre. He is supported by coach Jayakumar (BCCI level 3 coach) and coach Sanjoo Singh (BCCI level 3 coach). In addition to this we have 12 other qualified coaches as part of our coaching set up. We have a sports science team with two qualified trainers and two Physiotherapists to help get the best out of the players.

  • In addition to this we have 3 astro turf pitches and 3 matting pitches.
  • Our academy has a full fledged ground with 60m boundaries.
  • The lush green outfield also has 10 centre turf pitches which are clay and red soil pitches.

Facilities at Our Sports Science Centre

Our sports science centre is equipped with top quality machines for our athletes to train. The 2000 sq.ft gym provides the athletes with adequate space to go about their strength and conditioning programs. Physiotherapy facilities are also available for the athletes.