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Master the Art of Cricket with Our Elite Coaching Program


Unleash your Potential to Performance in Sport and Beyond.

At Coaching Beyond, we are committed to making the youth sports experience positive and enriching for all our trainees. We would want to make sports a part of their life, whether they pursue it professionally or otherwise.


Our endeavour is to take young kids from ‘Potential to Performance’ – in sport and beyond using the best practices of coaching and sports sciences available in the world today. We seek to develop smart, compassionate coaches and allied support staff who are well-versed with the knowledge of modern scientific principles and the wisdom to apply them appropriately.

Coaching Philosophy

Coaching is the art of helping people strive for excellence and has to be informed by science.

Our Values

  • Commitment to developing excellence
  • Total effort at all times
  • Respect for the Laws and Spirit of the Game
  • Honesty and integrity of thought, word, and deed
  • Creating quality sports experience for all – sports for life
  • Belief in the currently accepted scientific processes and systems
  • Constantly upgrading and evolving – a “Growth mindset.”
  • Resilience in adversity
  • Character over Cover drive

Ravi Shastri

Playing sport as a child not only builds character and confidence but also gives a sense of accomplishment, freedom and enjoyment.
At Coaching Beyond, we strongly believe that empowerment is the key to unlocking players potential and beliefs, thereby maximising their potential and performance.
We provide a great environment for growth in a holistic way by working on the physical, mental, technical and tactical side of players so that they have the freedom to express themselves fearlessly.

Founding Team

B Arun

A good coach expects the players to think highly of him. A great coach helps the players to think highly of themselves.
This is the philosophy that drives us at coaching beyond. Empowering a player to make him play better than what he thinks is his best.
At Coaching Beyond, we are not driven by technique alone. We look at all round development of players by creating a conducive environment that builds and sustains growth.

R Sridhar

We at coaching Beyond are accountable for upholding our Values and Vision.


My coaching philosophy: “Coaching is an art, Informed by science”. I firmly believe that we coach the person and cricket (Sport) is just the medium. As a coach, my responsibility is to empower the child with knowledge and provide him with options for creative & holistic growth and also to create an environment where champions are bred and winning is a by- product.