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Athlete Development Program

Junior Athlete Development Program

This is the complete program which focuses on technical, tactical, physical and mental skill development. It is suitable for any young aspiring cricketer looking to make it professional Students will be chosen on selection basis only.

Program Highlights

  • Video Analysis & Graded skill development program.
  • Focused coaching session with master coaches.
  • Musculoskeletal screening and prehab program.
  • Fitness assessments and a individualized S&C programs.
  • Performance diary and Development docket.
  • Practise on turf wickets.
  • Centre wicket practise sessions weekly.
  • Regular practise matches.
  • Fielding sessions.
  • Recovery sessions.
  • Mental conditioning session.



Biomechanical analysis using the latest technology

Curated skill enhancement programs supervised by Master coaches

Musculoskeletal screening by a Sports Physiotherapist followed by an Injury Prevention Prehabilitation program

Strength and Conditioning program individualised to players own needs based on Fitness Assessment tests and a Movement screening program

Stance Beam and other smart technology to generate instant replay and create objective data

Mental skill sessions include Performance Profiling, Goal setting and other aspects of mental wellbeing.